Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Shave or Crave

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I took out a sword and thrust its glistening shiny tip on his chin.

"Wha.. what are you doing?" He asked, trembling with fear. I was angry, my eyes were red with anger and so were my cheeks from his constant rubbing stubble!

He squealed like a wimp- "Jana, why are you doing this?" "I'll shave from now on!!" Sweat drops surfaced on his forehead!

I was not ready to forgive. I thrust the sword a bit harder. A drop of blood came oozing through his skin! He shrieked with pain! I smiled. I was absorbing this revenge! It wasn't like I wasn't paining at all. But all the pain he had given me with his stubble was strong enough to make him beg for mercy.

I slashed the sword across his face! He shouted "aaa....!!" and it woke me up!!

It was middle of the night! 3 AM the clock read. I heaved a sigh of relief and was thankful that it was a dream. At the same time, I knew what I had to do. I knew I had enough. The sword hanging in our living room had found a purpose.

I waited for the morning. Secretly, I wished that he shaved and came. But, what has to be done, will be done!!


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  1. errr...... ummmm........ errr.... ahem! A good, scary read, this. buahahahahaha!!! All the best :-)